Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get a DreamPort Sleep Solution today?

Bleep is not soliciting or accepting pre-orders or orders prior to receiving FDA 510K clearance. We expect to clear FDA by the end of Q1 2018 and hope to have product available for sale to the public by Q3 2018. To get the inside track on FDA approval status and product availability dates, join our newsletter via the form at the top of the page. Thank you for your support!

Will the DreamPort Sleep Solution work with my existing pump?

Yes. The DreamPort Sleep Solution includes a 10 inch hose and connector which will attach to your existing 6′ or 7′ supply hose. Just plug it in and you’re good to go. If you’d like to see a demonstration, please see our demonstration video. Near the end, Stuart connects the hose while on set.

How long does it last? Do I have to wash this thing?

Yes, you should wash your DreamPortSleep Solution each day. While the DreamPort Sleep Solution is disposable by design and intended only to be used for 30-days, you can reduce your risk of nosocomial infection by cleaning before or after each use. Each quarter, you will receive a completely new set. The DreamPorts themselves (the adhesive strips with connectors) are only good for a single use and should be disposed of daily – 1 set per day.

Will the adhesive really work? More importantly, will it hurt to take off?

Yes, they really work. And no, it shouldn’t hurt to take it off. The adhesive tape is a high quality hypoallergenic surgical tape manufactured by 3M and is in use on other medical products. If you would like to see what it’s like to apply them, watch our 1 lb. Mask Challenge¬†here.

Are the DreamPorts invasive? Do they go IN my nose?

No. The DreamPorts are designed to meet AT your nostril, but do not enter your body like other nasal pillow designs.

How much will the DreamPort cost?

The cost will be on par with your existing CPAP solution – following Medicare’s replacement schedule.

Is the DreamPort device FDA approved?

Bleep’s paperwork has been submitted and we are awaiting FDA 510K clearance. We have answered their first round of product questions and are hopeful that we will have approval Q1 of 2018.

Is the DreamPort available Internationally?

Currently, the DreamPort Sleep Solution will only be available in the United States, but we will be considering International sales in the near future.

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