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Can I get a DreamPort Sleep Solution today?

The Bleep DreamPort™ Sleep Solution is available as of the week of March 4 th , 2019! Please click
on; Where can I purchase on the main page of our website.

Will the DreamPort Sleep Solution work with my existing CPAP Machine?

Yes. The DreamPort includes a 10-inch connecting tube that connect to your current CPAP machine tubing and all CPAP machines. See our instructional video for example.

How long due the components last? (the DreamWay interface (mask) and the adhesive DreamPorts)

The DreamWay user interface should be cleaned and dried after every use to prevent the risk of nosocomial infection (see cleaning video for detailed instructions). The DreamWay user interface is typically replaced every 90 days. The DreamPort adhesives with connectors are a nightly disposable and 1 box of 32 will last for ½ of a month (1 set per day).

Will adhesives really stay on and do they hurt to remove?

Yes, they do work very well and eliminate most bothersome leaks! They are made of 3M hypoallergenic surgical foam tape and is used on many patient applications in hospital and home. And no, it doesn’t hurt to remove it after use. (See instructional video for more information)

Are the DreamPorts invasive? Do they go in your nose like nasal pillows?

NO, the DreamPorts are designed to meet at your nostril opening, but do not enter your nostrils like other nasal pillows.

How much will the DreamPort cost?

The cost will be on par with your existing CPAP solution – following Medicare’s replacement schedule.

Is the DreamPort Sleep Solution FDA approved and do you have HCPCS coding from CMS?

Yes, we received FDA approval #K172335. We also have HCPCS coding; A7034 for Nasal Mask and A7033 for Nasal Mask Cushions.

Is the DreamPort available Internationally?

Currently, the DreamPort Sleep Solution will only be available in the United States, but we will be considering International sales in the near future.

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