The DreamPortTM Sleep Solution is small, lightweight, headgear-free and easy-to-use. It’s the best way to get the sleep you need.



Our patented design ensures no leaks with a snug fit that won’t slip during the night. No more sleep disruptions!

Get ready to take on the World!

Seriously, you can do anything after a good night’s sleep. So why struggle with a CPAP mask that just gets in the way?

At Bleep, we take sleep apnea and cpap therapy seriously. That’s because we know nothing feels better than waking up recharged and ready to take on the day. Currently, fewer than 50% of Sleep Apnea patients stick with their CPAP therapy. We’re here to fix that.

It’s time to get the rest you need with a sleep solution designed to help you catch more ZZZs!



Your quality of life will skyrocket once you start getting the healthy sleep you need.


Our patented design fits the exact shape of your nose, so it’s totally leak-free. No more sleep disruptions!


You can sleep on your back, stomach or side; the DreamPortTM Sleep solution won’t slip off or get in the way. Sweet dreams!


No headgear, no mask… no marks on your face. Wake up refreshed and ready to go!

We give a bleep about sleep.TM

– Bleep CPAP

We know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep.

We also know most sleep apnea patients don’t stick with their CPAP therapy. So we decided to change the game… and “Make the Mask a Thing of the Past!”TM

Designed for better sleep.

The DreamPortTMSleep Solution is designed to give revolutionary support to those suffering from sleep apnea. It’s a mask-less solution that’s comfortable to wear and easy to use.
Now, nothing has to come between you and your slumber!
Um, what are you waiting for?


“A Game Changer... The Coolest, Most Innovative CPAP Design I've Ever Seen.”

“6 weeks after switching to the DreamPort, my wife informed me that she is sleeping better! She's no longer waking up due to annoying mask leaks, or me constantly tossing and turning. Nearly a year after starting CPAP therapy, I've found the key to allowing BOTH of us to get a good night's sleep.”

Dave Amstutz

“Bleep Dreamport CPAP will be able to treat sleep apnea and more importantly increase patient compliance and thus improve patient outcomes. […] Patients who have tried the Dreamport almost uniformly say it's a Gamechanger. The comfort and airflow surpasses other sleep apnea masks they have tried.”

Dr. Daniel Monahan, UPMC Family Practitioner

“With my traditional mask I was removing it during the night to relieve the pain. I will be more compliant and actually wear it (DreamPorts) the entire night. When I saw the design of the DreamPort solution, I was so excited I paid for the express shipping to get the product ASAP. My AHI was 0.3 after the first night of wearing the mask. This is a brilliant idea and offers so many different ways to sleep comfortably. A strap-free solution is the biggest difference. My husband is telling people at work about the product and how it has helped me. It’s just amazing, I don’t know why it has taken so long for someone to create this product, it’s just brilliant. I was not feeling fully rested with my mask CPAP and I was in chronic pain. I had to sleep on my back, because my mask wouldn’t work when I slept on my side. Now I can sleep in any position and I am pain-free. I’m waking up earlier, before my alarm, and feeling fully rested. I look at my numbers and know I’ve had a great night’s sleep.”

Trina N.

“I noticed how lightweight and comfortable it was compared to my mask and I could sleep in any position. My sleep scores were 100 on MyAir app. I no longer had octopus covering my face or felt like I was wearing a hockey mask to bed every night. I’m not waking numerous times during the night to find my mask thrown across room in my sleep. There are no straps to adjust, and it’s easy to pack for traveling. I would recommend because there is no headgear or mask – it’s octopus free! The lightweight design won’t pull or tangle hair and there are no strap lines. I love the product and plan on using it forever.”

Rachel N.

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