The sleep apnea solution you’ll actually want to use!

The DreamPortTM Sleep Solution is covered by Medicare and most other insurance plans


To provide those suffering from sleep apnea with a convenient and easy-to-use solution to help them get the sleep they need.


To use innovative technology and inspired PAP designs to create the most comfortable and effective sleep solution on the market.


To “Make the Mask a Thing of the Past™.”


Stuart Heatherington

Founder & CEO

Stuart is a 20-year veteran in the sleep industry. He is a sleep lab owner with extensive experience in sales. Stuart has also been a DME and sleep apnea patient for 18 years.

Nick Kosciolek

Chief Operating Officer

Before joining the Bleep team, Nick was VP of International Americas at Philips Respironics, Managing Director at Profile Pharma and Country Manager at BMW.

Tom Honeywell

Vice President of Sales

Tom has 25 years of experience in sleep industry sales and management. He was Western Sales Director for ResMed and Regional Manager & Canadian Sales Director for Philips Respironics.

Al Greene

Chief Marketing Officer

Al is a respiratory care professional with 30 years of sales and marketing experience in domestic and foreign medical device companies. Al successfully built a disease management program for COPD that helped improve care and reduce cost for current providers.

Steve Moore

Chief Development Officer

Steve has more than 30 years of experience in the apnea space. He first commercially sold the CPAP device (Sleep Easy 1). Steve also successfully marketed a strapless nasal pillow mask (TAP PAP) and the world’s smallest CPAP device (Z1).


Robert Waldrop

Steve Simons

Alan Greene

Joseph Borelli MD

Stuart Heatherington

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