Introducing the best bleeping
CPAP solution on the planet!

Living with Sleep Apnea doesn’t have to be a challenge, but when you consider the discomfort of most CPAP masks it is no surprise that 50% of CPAP users quit therapy during their first year. In fact, we were some of those very people, which led us to develop the Bleep DreamPort Sleep Solution.

 Unlike traditional CPAP masks the DreamPort Sleep Solution from Bleep is headgear free, lightweight, flexible and easy to use. Our patented solution uses medical grade adhesive strips to hold the DreamPorts (seals) in place eliminating headgear. And unlike traditional seals with the DreamPorts you will not wake up with marks on your face.

 Applying the DreamPorts is quick and easy. In less than a minute you can be sleeping comfortably on your back, side or stomach. Are you ready for the best night of sleep you’ve ever had? Then Contact Us, today.

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Simple, lightweight design can be used before and during sleep

Our innovative design can be comfortably worn with facial hair.

Sleep comfortably on your back, side or stomach

Stop keeping your partner awake at night

Simple application can be done in just seconds

Get back to sleeping soundly through the night