The Eclipse™.
Redefining Sleep Comfort.

Eclipse™ is transforming PAP therapy. With a grant from the National Institute of Science, Eclipse™ will launch in late 3Q22. Eclipse™ uses MagSeal™ technology to ensure a rapid on/rapid off interface. Like the DreamPort® also by Bleep, Eclipse™ optimizes PAP users comfort by removing all of the headgear and straps and allowing a clinically proven No Leak seal.

Eclipse™ is over 35% smaller than other top selling nasal pillow/nasal mask on the market. Eclipse™ introduces a new industry first in leak-free fit, profile & connectivity with an innovative technology called MagSeal™, allowing a perfect fit in under a second with no leaks, no headgear, no straps, no dry eyes, and no ulcerations. Due to the No Leak technology, many users have been able to reduce arousal index and obtain lower patient AHI and reduced average APAP pressures.


PRINT this CPAP RX for ECLIPSE™ to take to your physician to complete and fax or email to AeroFlow for your CPAP DME needs.

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EclipseTM Connector Kit by BLEEP

Requires separately purchased Halos™ for use.

Kit includes a diffuser & flexible Tube. Eclipse™ system uses Connector Kit & Halos™ adhesive in place of headgear. BLEEP has the only Clinically proven NO LEAKS PAP solution on the market. NO HEADGEAR, NO MASK LINES, NO BROKEN HAIR. The system has 2 parts: reusable Eclipse™ Connector Kit and disposable Halos™ sold separately.



Pack of 32 Halos™ is a 16 day supply of disposable interface for the Eclipse™ CPAP Headgear Free CPAP frame (sold separately).

Halos™ are the only clinically proven not to leak, headgear free CPAP solution and the only CPAP solution fully made in the USA.

Eliminates/significantly reduces claustrophobia, and drives patient comfort and health. Nothing inserts into the nostrils, reducing irritation. Halos are hypoallergenic using gentle surgical grade, PBA, Corn and Latex-Free adhesive.


Application requires gentle cleansing of the nasal area using Dream Preps™ or mild astringent such as witch hazel or alcohol for oily skin; ensure that skin is dry before applying ports. Note that soap contains oils which interfere with seal. Using a mild astringent is critical for an optimal seal.


Introducing Eclipse CPAP/PAP solution 2022

Introducing Eclipse



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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

How do the Eclipse™/Halo’s™ stay on my face?

Eclipse™ frame uses MagSeal™ magnetic technology to connect in a simple click to the stainless-steel ring of the Halos™. Halos™ are nightly disposable, gentle adhesive that stays connected to your face until you remove them by mildly sliding them off your nose. The Halo’s™ need clean, oil free skin to adhere properly.  You must use a mild astringent such as Bleep’s DreamPreps™ or use witch hazel.  For very oily skin, you should use isopropyl alcohol.  Make sure to clean the application area well with the mild astringent and dry before applying the Halos™.  You cannot use soap or make-up remover to clean your application area as these products contain oils which will interfere with the seal.

I have skin sensitivity; can I use the Halos™?

Halos™ use gentle surgical grade, PBA, Corn and Latex-Free adhesive.  Approximately 2% of the population has a sensitivity to the tape. We suggest that you test a piece of the tape on your arm prior to use to see if you have a sensitivity.  If you have a skin sensitivity, you can try a skin barrier prep such as Smith and Nephew SKIN-PREP or 3M Cavilon™ Skin.  Both are used by hospitals and available for over-the-counter purchase.

Should you have a skin sore/ulceration from your prior mask, we suggest you let the sore heal prior to using Eclipse™.

I am a mouth breather; can I use Eclipse™?

About 20% of the population are mouth breathers. If you are a mouth breather, you will need to use a mouth tape or chin strap in order to ensure that air does not leak from your mouth or impact efficacy of therapy.  You should also discuss with your physician your current pressure as full-face mask uses considerably more pressure than nasal mask/nasal pillows.  Clinical studies have shown that full face mask generally require 4 cm more pressure than nasal therapy.   Please engage your physicians on discussion on pressure adjustments.

Is Eclipse™ covered by insurance/Medicare?

Yes. Verify your Medicare or Private Pay Insurance by printing the CPAP RX for Eclipse™.

Does the tape hurt to remove?

No, Halo’s™ are made of gentle, surgical grade, PBA, Corn and Latex free soft tape – the same kind used on many patient applications in hospitals and homes. No, it doesn’t hurt to remove the adhesives after use. Use a hot soapy washcloth to gently clean your face if you have excess residue after use. (See instructional video for more information).

How many times can I use the Halos™/Eclipse™/how long do components last?

The Eclipse™ frame should be cleaned and dried after every use to prevent the risk of nosocomial infection (see cleaning video for detailed instructions). The Eclipse™ frame is typically replaced every 90 days. The Halo™ adhesives are a nightly disposable and 1 box of 32 will last for ½ of a month (use 1 set per day).

Will Eclipse™ fit with my CPAP machine?

Yes, the Eclipse™ will work with your existing machine. The Eclipse™ comes with a 16-inch universal connecting tube and fits all machines.  If you are replacing a Philips/Respironics mask, ensure that your prior mask is fully disconnected.  Sometimes this brand will have a small swivel that remains when you disconnect.  If you use the ResMed Mini/Travel CPAP, you may need an adapter to allow non-ResMed mask to connect (multiple versions sold on Amazon and other CPAP websites).

I am an active sleeper; can I use the Eclipse™?

Eclipse™ is designed for active sleepers. We strongly suggest that use a tube management system (which can be found on Amazon or to prevent your hose from pulling.

Can I use soap or make-up remover to clean my nose prior to use?

No. You must use a mild astringent such as Bleep’s DreamPreps™ or use witch hazel.  For very oily skin, you should use isopropyl alcohol.  Make sure to clean the application area well with the mild astringent and dry before applying the Halos™.  You cannot use soap or make-up remover to clean your application area as these products contain oils which will interfere with the seal.  Everyone’s skin type is different so use a milder/stronger astringent based upon the oil secretion of your pores.

How much do I need to shave in order to use the Halos™?

You will need ~1/8 inch or about 2 millimeters of smooth skin to ensure a good seal around your Halo’s™. The adhesive will not seal over hair.  See our instruction video for more information.

My provider does not carry Eclipse™/Bleep products, what should I do?

We are happy to provide product to your DME/provider. They can reach us at or you can send us their name and contact information.  Should your provider not carry our product, you can also visit our “where to buy” page or email us for providers near your home.

Is the Eclipse™ FDA Cleared?

Yes, we received FDA approval #K172335. We also have HCPCS coding; A7034 for Nasal Mask and A7033 for Nasal Pillow Cushions.

Where is Eclipse™ made?

Eclipse™ is fully made in the USA with US sourced/produced materials.

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