Bleep, LLC is pleased to announce sponsoring the first of a series of round table events with Sovereign Medical Inc.

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Bleep, LLC is pleased to announce starting May 26, 2021 we are sponsoring the first of a series of round table events with . “Understanding non-invasive PAP therapy in the Hospital Setting.”
Please contact your local Sovereign Medical representative for more information on future events.

Bleep, LLC can help decrease: care cost, pressure injury penalties, inventory, and eliminate PAP refitting time by respiratory team and RNs.

The average 300-bed acute facility with a 2.4% incidence rate spends $14 million a year on pressure ulcer prevention and treatment,” per healthcarefinancenews.com
Bleep, LLC is the only FDA cleared pap product to address the #1 reason PAP patients experience pressure ulcers. Eliminate re-fit time, dramatically reduce pressure ulcer risk, use the only “clinically proven not to leak” solution. Single SKU and the only solution fully made in the USA. Contact info@bleepsleep.com for more information. Contact your Sovereign Medical Inc representative for information on future round table events.