Forget New, It’s Better We Need.

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New CPAP masks sell. Everyone in the industry screams that mantra from the rooftops. That’s why so many new ones come out every year. Manufacturers know people are looking for ways to solve pain points in their lives. Have poor cell phone reception, what do you do? Change service providers. Cable bill blew up? Cut the strings with the cable company and buy an antenna. That’s what consumers do. They switch to things making life easier and more enjoyable. After all, we are creatures of comfort. Make us more comfortable, and we curl up in a ball and languish in it. We’re like cats that way.

CPAP patients are no different from any other consumer, except they have a lot more pain points in any given discussion. Several essential takeaways in Bleep’s market research shocked us. I’m going to discuss a few here. For starters, CPAP patients posted a terrible net promoter score of 19.6%. Net Promoter Score, in a nutshell, means the likelihood a consumer will recommend a product they use to another consumer. This message is critical when talking about brand marketing. More on Net Promoter Score can found at Medallia. A score of 19.6% means patients using CPAP masks are not very fond of them, as less than 1 in 5 would recommend their interface to another user. To be honest, they are often dissatisfied and don’t tell others about what they use.

Well, you say, that’s not shocking at all! Have you ever seen a CPAP mask, Mr. Blogger Pants? My answer to that is: Does Darth Vader sleep in your room? You betcha. And I’m a 20-year user, and they suck. But the problem doesn’t stop here. Dig a little deeper for context, and you find a revealing answer. Merely stating someone doesn’t like something is too easy. I mean if you don’t care for something, you stop using it or give it away, right?

Think of fruitcake. I hate fruitcake. It should be called fruit-brick. But my health doesn’t depend on fruit-brick getting me through the day without dying. At least the last time I checked it doesn’t. ( By the way, fruit-brick is good for one thing. A doorstop. We used one for a whole year. Beyond that, they belong in the trash). Seriously, though, while a fruitcake has no future impact on my health, my PAP therapy does, and that’s why a mask solution is vital to me and all other sufferers of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Is it safe to say very little fondness exists for CPAP masks? Research shows patients hardly ever suggest a mask they wear to another consumer. That neighbor, the one across the street they know use CPAP…they’re out of luck. It’s not like they run around telling their friends they wear CPAP anyway. In one way, CPAP patients belong in the same category as those with ED, meaning no one talks about sleep apnea…or ED. Except for Cialis…and those two people holding hands in the dumb bathtubs. Really, who’s got two tubs on a beach?

Facts are facts…people hate their CPAP masks. And plenty of reasons exist why they dislike them:

  1.  Not finding something that seals on the face disappointed the most. In fact, seal ruled the roost in our marketing. It was the number one opportunity for satisfaction of CPAP among men and women.
  2.  Comfort was the number 2 opportunity for satisfaction among all users. People want a comfortable mask. It’s a simple request.
  3.  Mask leaks freaking annoy everyone in the bed. As a 20 year user of CPAP, it’s the worst thing to deal with as a patient and a bed partner. It was the number five opportunity for satisfaction among men and women using CPAP. Who doesn’t like sleeping next to a wind tunnel all night long? My wife. That’s who.
  4.  Marks on your face in the morning? Oh, JOY! Who doesn’t like looking as if a three-year-old drew on your mug with a permanent red marker until 12 pm? Drum roll please, it’s the number three value driver among women. That’s right, stepping out of the house and NOT looking like the creature from IT seemed to be pretty significant. Ladies, you know what I mean. (Insert GIF link of IT Creature)


  •  Straps and all the joy they bring to PAP therapy…that’s a BIG NOT. Such a BIG NOT that it was 4th among opportunities for satisfaction among all CPAP users. They didn’t want anything causing sores, chapped skin, redness, etc.
  •   Nasal Bridge Breakdown or Pressure Ulcers. Doesn’t sound pretty, right? It’s not. Imagine the skin stretching across the bridge of your nose or cheeks splits open. Painful, right? Usually, it’s caused by a tight mask, cleaning or allergic reactions to the silicone.Breathe.ersjournals.comdiscusses the topic in more detail. It’s been my personal experience as a technician that it’s most associated with wearing a mask too tight.
  •  The force needed to create an airtight seal should not cause discomfort. That was number 8 among value drivers for all CPAP patients.

As you can see, there are tons of pain points among CPAP users. What’s cool about Bleep is we address every problem you read about above. That’s not a typo either. In fact, DreamPort Sleep Solution answers the top 10 needs CPAP patients say need to be changed. Do you want to improve your experience with CPAP? Check out our website and crowdfund video for answers on how We Give a Bleep About Sleep.

NO HEADGEAR. NO STRAPS, NO LEAK, NOTHING TO HURT THE NOSE, NO MARKS ON YOUR FACE, MORE COMFORT, BETTER SEAL, LESS NOISE, BETTER SLEEP. These are what patients want in a CPAP interface. The market research supports it in spades. Isn’t it time you got a better night of sleep with Bleep? Let us show you how.