Scoliosis Customer Case Study – 2020

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My name is Trina and I have sleep apnea and also deal with complications associated with scoliosis.  Finding a CPAP solution that not only helped me improve the quality of my sleep, but also address some of the issues associated with my scoliosis proved to be very difficult.

To sleep the best at night, I need a high pressure setting for my CPAP, which requires the neck strap on the mask to be very tight.  This would lead to significant neck discomfort and aggravate symptoms related to my scoliosis.

I tried several different masks and none of them offered any relief, most nights I would remove the mask and try to sleep without the CPAP.  My chiropractor encouraged me to find something other than a mask, but there was nothing available.

Then I came across the DreamPort solution on a Facebook page and I immediately called my CPAP supplier and they had never heard of the solution.  I found it online and ordered it right away with express shipping.

The first night I used the DreamPort my AHI was 0.3!  Since then, I track my sleep pattern and I have seen a significant improvement since using the Bleep product.

This is a brilliant idea and offers so many different ways to sleep comfortably.  A strap-free solution is the biggest difference.  My husband is telling people at work about the product and how it has helped me.

It’s just amazing, I don’t know why it has taken so long for someone to create this product, it’s just brilliant.

I’m waking up earlier, before my alarm, and feeling fully rested.  I look at my numbers and know I’ve had a great night’s sleep.

Scoliosis Customer Case Study – 2020